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Cyber Liability Coverage: Protection In A Hyper-Mobile World

The world is an ever-growing complex network of connectivity. Businesses operating in today's environment are entrusted with increasingly more points of personal data—stored and shared both physically and digitally. The reality for businesses and consumers, alike, is no longer "if" their data is breached, but rather "when" such an event will occur. Medical practices, like financial institutions...

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Highlight of Texas House Bill 300 and Changes to Business Practices:

The healthcare industry is no stranger to regulations regarding privacy protection, with HIPAA and HITECH both designed to ensure protected health information (PHI) for patients. Beginning September 1, 2012, with the enactment of Texas House Bill 300 (HB300) those who have access to or use protected health information will be subject to tighter regulations and steeper penalties for violating breach of security.

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ICD-10 a mighty challenge for healthcare providers:

The healthcare industry faces enormous pressure to transform the delivery system from acute centric care into more cost effective care across the preventative, chronic, acute, and long-term continuum. The marketplace is demanding that providers align, and that change is implemented aggressively. The current industry backdrop is an environment where the cost of drugs, supplies, technologies and staffing are increasing, competition from entrepreneurs...