Orthopedic malpractice insurance companies charge premiums that correlate to the highest risk procedures performed by the physician. In other words, if you are an orthopedic surgeon doing spine surgery and orthopedic surgery, you will be charged a premium associated with the spine surgery rate charged by your orthopedic medical malpractice insurance company.

Alternately, orthopedic surgeons who perform a low percentage of spine surgery in comparison to the percentage of traditional orthopedic procedures may be offered reduced rates by an orthopedic surgeon malpractice insurance company.

Have You Been Involved in Medical Malpractice Litigation?

It is not uncommon for an orthopedic surgeon to face at least once with a claim of medical malpractice. Orthopedic surgery is a highly-specialized field of surgery with outcomes that are not always predictable. Keeping this in mind, Gallagher advisors are practiced in communicating with orthopedic surgeon malpractice insurance companies. This way, orthopedic surgeons are sure to receive the lowest orthopedic malpractice insurance rates available in their state.

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What Is Covered By Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Orthopedic surgeries are categorized by insurance carriers as one of two types: Surgery with Spine or Surgery No Spine. Surgeries involving the spine are considered by insurers to be the highest risk category and will carry the highest premiums. Orthopedic surgeons who have never performed spinal surgery may be able to enjoy lower premiums.

If a career changes over time and an orthopedic professional switches to a lower-risk specialty, this is important to discuss with an insurance broker or provider to determine whether insurance needs have changed. For example, if a surgeon is no longer performing spinal surgery, this is important information to review. However, if orthopedic doctors who no longer perform surgery offer certain treatments considered "alternative" by insurance carriers, they may not be eligible for coverage.

An example of an alternative treatment is orthopedic manipulative therapy (OMT), a treatment similar to chiropractic methods meant to increase joint flexibility and minimize muscle pain. You should be aware that some orthopedic surgery medical malpractice insurance companies do not provide coverage for OMT.

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