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As the largest broker for physicians in the nation, Gallagher Healthcare is dedicated to meeting the malpractice insurance needs of healthcare providers. Our professionals can help your practice review and evaluate the various options to ensure that you have the information needed to make the best buying decision for your business. We also know that we are in an environment of declining reimbursement, so we will ensure that your practice is receiving the best price and that you are aware of every available discount.

Our Experience

Our extensive medical malpractice insurance experience helps us to:

  • show you every available option in the market.
  • provide the highest level of customer service.
  • provide you with attention you deserve.
  • constantly look out for new opportunities in the market.
  • be a single point of contact for your medical malpractice insurance.
  • react to a rapidly changing climate of malpractice insurance.

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There are many reasons why you should use Gallagher Healthcare for your medical malpractice needs.

  • Over 60,000 Physicians located all over the US rely on us to find them insurance.
  • 98% of our customers choose to renew with us each year.
  • We work with almost every malpractice insurance carriers nationwide
  • Almost all Medical Malpractice Insurance providers are available to us.
  • Since the early 80's we have provided malpractice insurance to individual physicians.
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Evaluating and Minimizing Your Total Cost of Risk

CORE360® is our unique comprehensive approach to evaluating our clients’ risk management program that leverages our analytical tools and diverse resources for custom, maximum impact on six cost drivers of their total cost of risk. We consult with you to understand all your actual and potential costs, and the strategic options to reallocate these costs with smart, actionable insights. This will empower you to know, control and minimize your total cost of risk, and improve your profitability.

How Medical Malpractice Insurance Works

At Gallagher Healthcare, we understand that there are many different terms, insurance companies, policy components and criteria for medical malpractice insurances. This is where we come in. Our Gallagher brokers are here to advise physicians on the ins and outs of the market, explaining confusing policy language and to negotiate the best coverage and rates to fit our client's needs.

Medical malpractice is most widely known as a situation where something goes wrong in a medical setting, resulting in the patient's injury or death. However, there are four different criteria required for a lawsuit to proceed as a medical malpractice case:

  • The medical provider must have a duty to the patient.
  • The medical provider breached that duty as a result of action or inaction.
  • The injury resulted from the breach of duty.
  • There must be an established link between the injury and the medical provider.

In order to ensure you have ample coverage, we can help you find the best medical malpractice liability insurance for you and your practice. There are many different types of companies who provide these services. The most common insurer is an admitted carrier. Each company is structured to state guidelines and is regulated by the State Department of Insurance. These carriers are typically backed by a state guarantee fund, which provides an extra layer of coverage in the event that the insurance company becomes insolvent.

Excess and Surplus lines are generally the type of carrier that insures hospitals and are able to customize the rates and policies to peculiar risks. The physicians own the Risk Retention Groups so it's their goal to lower the premium as much as possible. Because they are not admitted carriers, they are able to avoid many state regulations and red tape. For those who are able to remain self-insured, particularly hospitals, they can choose a captive insurance policy. In some states, physicians can create a trust that insures its members, which are subject to different regulations than admitted carriers, depending on the state. If there is difficulty finding coverage in a normal market, physicians and hospitals can turn to joint underwriting associations for medical malpractice. However, this is generally a last resort.

This is just one of the things you have to think about when searching for medical malpractice liability insurance. In addition, there is also two different types of policies to consider, claims-made versus occurrence policies, policy components and the insurance rates. Gallagher Healthcare clears up all of the questions you may have and helps your take care of all of the problems in finding your own medical malpractice insurance. Let us make your coverage search easy, contact us today.

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