Vermont Medical Malpractice Insurance

Vermont has one of the lowest medical malpractice insurance premium rates and the lowest claims payouts in the country. This is good news for physicians. However, Vermont also has limited medical resources when compared with larger states, and reforms in 2011 to switch to a single-payer system may still have a ripple effect on the medical malpractice market.

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What You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance in Vermont

In 2011, the Universal & Unified Health System Act was signed into law, allowing Vermont to create a universal healthcare system. Under this law, businesses and patients can buy medical coverage through a health insurance exchange. Eventually, the goal is to create a publically funded plan. Users can also keep the coverage they have now or pay for additional coverage from insurance companies.

Since Vermont has limited health resources, there is a goal to use them efficiently to improve patient health, and this means addressing torts and medical malpractice claims. To that end, a no-fault compensation system has been proposed to ensure patients get rewards for disabilities and injuries while physicians remain protected from large legal claims and resulting increases in medical malpractice insurance.

Another suggestion has been to implement the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) plan, which includes early disclosure, settlement, investigation and apology to reduce the number of lawsuits.

Fast Facts

  • 5 companies account for most of the Vermont medical malpractice market.
  • There are 2,115 physicians practicing in the state, an increase since 2000.
  • Vermont considers comparative fault in medical malpractice claims.


With low rates and low claim payouts, Vermont is generally advantageous to doctors. One issue for physicians is that there are five primary insurance companies offering medical malpractice insurance, making finding alternatives a challenge.

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Vermont Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates By Specialty (Top 20)

Rates depend greatly on specialty. Physicians offering high-risk care, such as surgeons, have higher rates than doctors in lower-risk areas. Prices will vary, though, based on your claim history and location in addition to your specialty. Always talk to an insurance expert to get a more specific quote for your malpractice insurance.

Below are undiscounted state filed rate data averages across all territories for 1,000,000/3,000,000 limits.

Specialty Average Rate Lowest Rate Greatest Rate Count
Family Practice No Surgery $7,567 $5,338 $8,824 342
Internal Medicine No Surgery $7,916 $6,384 $8,824 245
Occupational Medicine $4,518 $3,713 $5,430 204
Psychiatry $5,401 $3,713 $7,059 155
Pediatrics No Surgery $7,049 $5,338 $8,824 140
Anesthesiology $11,386 $6,732 $18,603 113
Emergency Medicine $16,670 $13,926 $19,413 108
Radiology - Diagnostic $8,767 $6,732 $11,030 84
Obstetrics and Gynecology Major Surgery $42,618 $23,211 $60,522 81
General Surgery $23,115 $13,926 $28,947 57
Orthopedic Surgery No Spine $29,225 $13,926 $51,688 52
Pathology No Surgery $6,747 $4,642 $8,540 48
Neurology No Surgery $9,541 $7,892 $11,030 40
Ophthalmology No Surgery $5,246 $3,250 $7,059 39
Cardiovascular Disease Minor Surgery $13,259 $8,820 $18,603 34
Urology Minor Surgery $10,880 $8,820 $14,118 24
Gastroenterology No Surgery $8,419 $7,892 $8,824 24
Pulmonary Disease No Surgery $8,636 $6,985 $11,030 22
General Practice No Surgery $7,567 $5,338 $8,824 21
Otorhinolaryngology Major Surgery $15,359 $7,892 $22,743 18

* Please note that the above rates are state filed rates. It is not uncommon for Gallagher Healthcare clients to receive up to 50% or more in discounts from state filed rates. Please Request a Quote to receive a custom premium indication.

Rate Range by Specialty

This chart compares the range of possible state filed medical malpractice premium rates by admitted markets and a few Gallagher Select markets broken out by the top 20 specialties in Vermont.

Vermont medical malpratice premium by specialty chart.

USA Ranking Map

The map below provides a visual display of the nation and compares what a typical primary care physician might pay compared to each individual state and county. This research is based on the average rate for a single specialty, the most common limits in that state, and the mature claims made premium. The darker the blue, the higher the average premium, see how Vermont compares to other states.

Malpractice Rate Heat Map - United States
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