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People get plastic surgery for all different reasons. They may want to change the way they look, or they may want to reduce the appearance of a scar. They could be interested in having a flatter stomach or removing a birthmark. Whatever their motivation, patients are not always happy with the results. They may have unrealistic expectations, or miscommunications with their doctor could lead to disappointment and this may cause the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Malpractice Insurance for plastic surgeons can help should you face such litigation. You need to protect yourself against lawsuits, especially in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. These have soared over the past 15 years, contributing to an overall gain in the number of cosmetic procedures.

The Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery Evolve Along With the Field

The plastic surgery profession is constantly changing. Since 2000, the number of cosmetic surgical procedures has dropped by six percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, including big reductions in liposuction, eyelid surgery and hair transplantation. Meanwhile, minimally invasive procedures have grown by 180 percent, reflecting the popularity of Botox®, laser skin resurfacing and soft tissue fillers.

How Much Does Plastic Surgeon Malpractice Insurance Cost?

The rate you will pay for malpractice insurance depends on a great many factors. Things that could play into the price include:

  • State where you are located, since some states have higher caps on malpractice payouts than others
  • Your experience in the field, because greater experience can build greater expertise and less risk of a botched procedure
  • Previous claims against you, which can increase prices

You will find malpractice insurance for plastic surgeons will cost more than a general practice doctor, who face less risk of litigation. But you will usually pay less than specialties such as cardiovascular, thoracic and neurosurgery.

The most common complaints leading to malpractice suits against plastic surgeons include problems that develop after the surgery, such as nerve or aesthetic damage.

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You want to protect yourself against lawsuits. To get the best possible safeguard, you need insurance that will cover not just legal costs but also fees charged by expert witnesses in your case and the damages should you lose the case. You need multi-faceted coverage, and that may not be the lowest-priced package.

Gallagher can help you find the right insurance. Our market knowledge and broad carrier network allows us to analyze which policy will give you the most benefit. As the nation's largest advisor for medical malpractice insurance, we act as an architect for your policy. We tailor solutions to your needs, using our direct access to better markets to help you.

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