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Social Media for Physicians

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By Gallagher Healthcare | 5/31/2018

Social media has become a permanent fixture in our society — it's getting harder to find someone who doesn't have a profile on sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or hasn't started their own blog.

While it may not seem evident at first, doctors and social media can make an excellent combination. As a doctor, harnessing the power of the Internet by establishing a strong online presence can provide a variety of benefits, such as helping you:

  • Connect With Patients: Using social media can help prospective patients learn more about you and consider making you their physician. You can also disseminate valuable information to current patients.
  • Interact With Colleagues: Industry-related social media sites can serve as a forum for making contact with other professionals, whether you're a primary care physician or specialist. You will be able to exchange information and engage in networking that can lead to exciting and challenging career opportunities.
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise: Having a blog on your practice's website allows you to write at length about areas in which you have specialized knowledge, training or skills. You can differentiate yourself as an expert in your field to grow your reputation and make your voice heard.
  • Destigmatize Medical Conditions: Social media, for doctors, can serve as a platform for providing information aimed at removing the stigma associated with many afflictions. For instance, a psychiatrist can create posts that shed light on misunderstood mental illnesses. This can also encourage individuals who may be experiencing symptoms of these conditions to seek treatment.

Top Social Media Sites for Physicians

Examples of the numerous social networking sites for doctors include:

  • LinkedIn: Widely regarded as one of the best networking sites for professionals, LinkedIn allows you to build a profile that outlines your credentials and provides information on your background. You'll also find ample opportunities for establishing valuable contacts with others in your medical field.
  • Sermo: Known as the largest and most successful social media site for doctors, Sermo is only available to credentialed physicians. The site focuses on medical crowdsourcing, where you can ask questions of and collaborate with peers located around the world.
  • Doximity: Directed toward healthcare professionals in the United States, Doximity provides a HIPAA-secure platform for connecting with physicians you already know. You can upload your CV, list information regarding your experience, background and credentials, as well as gather data on compensation trends in your geographic areas of interest.
  • DailyRounds: DailyRounds offers a forum that serves as an online medical journal. Physicians can upload case files and access a drug database, which can prove helpful when developing patient treatment protocols. The site also features user-friendly networking tools and resources for doctors.

Gallagher Healthcare Can Meet Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Needs

At Gallagher Healthcare, we recognize the importance of the relationship between physicians and social media, as well as the potential liability risks that can come with having an online presence. Contact us to discuss your unique malpractice challenges and receive a no-obligation insurance quote today.

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