Nurse Midwife Malpractice Insurance

Gallagher Healthcare has partnered with one of our carriers to provide Nurse Midwives with a policy that is as diverse as the specialty. There is finally an option available that is specifically directed at Nurse Midwives, and Gallagher Healthcare is pleased to pioneer this opportunity.

Nurse Midwife Insurance Solutions

At last, the premium relief you deserve. This program has greatly increased the market capacity to write business, allowing program underwriters to become more aggressive with premium pricing.

Nurse Midwife Policy Features

Not only does this policy offer a specific program for Nurse Midwives, but it also offers the same advantages as other medical malpractice policies, which include:

  • Free Tail Provision
  • Consent to Settle Provision
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Defense Costs Outside the Limits of Liability
  • Incident trigger that allows you to report not only written demands for damages (claims) but also incidents which might reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim at a later date.
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