Nevada's medical professional liability insurance market has never been particularly stable. Due to nonexistent carrier commitment, demonstrated in 2002 when the state's largest carrier, St. Paul Insurance Company, pulled out and left the market virtually free of carrier competition. Lack of carrier commitment and competition accompanied by outrageous jury verdicts resulting in massive payouts led to unaffordable premiums depleting the quality and availability of healthcare in Nevada. In response, physicians created the Nevada Medical Liability Physicians Task Force to raise attention of the crisis to the public.

In 2002, Nevada's legislature approved the restructuring of tort legislation throughout the state. The tort reform program placed a $350,000 cap on noneconomic damages. However, exceptions to the tort reform were available to victims of gross negligence and exceptional circumstances. With this tort reform program failing to provide the desired outcome, the “Keep Our Doctors in Nevada” ballot initiative was created and approved by voters. Since the omission of the exceptions from the program, the number of claims has dropped, more doctors are entering the state and premiums have started to stabilize.

Nevada Medical Malpractice Insurance Market Summary

Claims-made policies are the most common policy type in Nevada. Claims-made coverage provides coverage for claims that arise during the duration of the policy as long as the incident occurred while the insured had coverage. The typical limits of liability in the state are $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $3,000,000 aggregate limit. Most hospitals require their doctors to carry these same limits of liability.

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining which carrier to choose. Common factors include:

  • AM Best rating
  • The year the company was founded
  • Coverage trigger
  • Free tail provisions

Since the mid-1970s, Nevada has had trouble maintaining a stable marketplace. One-by-one, medical malpractice insurance carriers have left the state or quickly become insolvent. In the years preceding 2001, several different carriers were active in the Nevada malpractice market. Following 2001, the market began to crumble. The market leader, The St. Paul Company, along with other carriers, withdrew from Nevada. Shortly after, the insurance commissioner at the time, Alice Molasky-Arman, held a hearing, which resulted in the formation of the Medical Liability Association of Nevada (MLAN). Since then, the market has improved and stabilized encouraging market growth.

Major Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies in Nevada:

  • Nevada Mutual Insurance Company
  • Independent Nevada Doctors Insurance Exchange
  • Medicus Insurance Company
  • Capson Physicians Insurance
  • The Doctors Company
  • ProAssurance Company, Inc.
  • Medical Protective Company
  • Hudson Insurance Group

Nevada Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates By Specialty (Top 15)

Rates depend greatly on specialty. Physicians offering high-risk care, such as surgeons, have higher rates than doctors in lower-risk areas. Prices will vary, though, based on your claim history and location in addition to your specialty. Always talk to an insurance expert to get a more specific quote for your malpractice insurance.

Below are undiscounted state filed rate data averages across all territories for $1m / $3m limits

SpecialtyAverage RateMin RateMax RateCount
Internal Medicine No Surgery$12,126$3,540$25,313854
Family Practice No Surgery$12,661$3,540$32,190731
Occupational Medicine$9,703$4,357$18,985350
Emergency Medicine$33,345$15,738$88,365314
Pediatrics No Surgery$12,971$6,734$25,313253
Radiology - Diagnostic$20,368$8,429$61,961208
Obstetrics and Gynecology Major Surgery$71,895$30,629$183,884204
General Surgery$47,866$8,197$164,107138
Orthopedic Surgery No Spine$39,378$14,084$124,974123
Cardiovascular Disease Minor Surgery$17,210$9,925$26,199110
Ophthalmology No Surgery$8,844$4,100$14,451108
Gastroenterology No Surgery$14,054$7,657$25,31379
Nephrology No Surgery$12,126$6,713$25,31372
* Please note that the above rates are state filed rates. It is not uncommon for Gallagher Healthcare clients to receive up to 50% or more in discounts from state filed rates. Please Request a Quote to receive a custom premium indication.

Rate Range by Specialty

This chart compares the range of possible state filed medical malpractice premium rates by admitted markets and a few Gallagher Select markets broken out by the top 15 specialties in Nevada.

Nevada Medical Malpractice Rate Range Chart

USA Ranking Map

The map below provides a visual display of the nation and compares what a typical primary care physician might pay compared to each individual state and county. This research is based on the average rate for a single specialty, the most common limits in that state, and the mature claims made premium. The darker the blue, the higher the average premium, see how Nevada compares to other states.

Malpractice Rate Heat Map - United States