The following are a selection of testimonials obtained from customer satisfaction surveys showing how Gallagher Healthcare can bring outstanding results and excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Family Practice

    For years, I have used Gallagher's services for malpractice insurance and have been very pleased and satisfied.

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    The company has always handled our account with professionalism and knowledge. Renewing our malpractice insurance takes a minimal amount of time because I trust my representative to find me the best deal. And Stephanie Maxcey has come through every time.

  • Psychiatry

    I am very pleased with my long relationship with your company.

  • Psychiatry

    Very professional, supportive and helpful.

  • Urology Major Surgery

    I have been a customer since 2007 have been extremely satisfied with Gallagher. I can predict rapid turn-around of my inquiries. They have been very helpful with my risk management questions and credentialing needs. I always receive prompt and very courteous service.

  • Urology Major Surgery

    Trey Hutchins did a wonderful job for me recently with my insurance problems. I'm extremely pleased. Dr. Feinstein

  • Family Practice

    Yes very satisfied

  • Geriatrics No Surgery

    We have been working with Gallagher for many years. Trey Hutchins and Wendy Hawkins have been my representatives all these years and for the past couple+ of years it has been Wendy. Trey and Wendy has been stellar in their career and I have always been appreciative of their care of our account. In particular I want to make a point of letting you know how much Wendy is appreciated and why. In ALL the years I have worked with her, she has been 100% professional, courteous, pleasant, kind and very helpful. I've NEVER felt like I was taking up her time or asking a dumb question. I have also NEVER felt like I might need to go elsewhere for malpractice insurance, not even for a quote. She has always thoroughly and diligently reserached things more than I even expected and had more information available for me, to make choices with, than I knew was available. They have always been on top of the industry and I've never felt like I needed to do my own research to see if they had the latest information. She has been very proactive and consistant in promptness and taking initiative on our behalf. Being a medical provider myself and running a private practice, I have to say that I have never felt as well taken care of by any other ancillary companies, than I have with Gallagher and in particular, Wendy. With malpracitce insurance being so important, diverse and complex, that is saying alot! It is very good to know someone, who is well educated, well informed and very intelligent is truely looking out for us.

  • Family Practice

    Very helpful. Always answer any question or concern I may have. Very professional.

  • Pain Management

    I think your agency did an awesome job and I am very satisfied with your services Dr. Perl

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Excellent. Top Shelf. Quality Brand!

  • General Practice Minor Surgery

    Wendy Hawkins is a very helpful as well as professional employee. She understands our needs and is always eager to satisfy them.

  • Forensic Medicine

    Wow! I sent an e-mail at 10pm or so and by 11pm (on a Friday night!) I had a reassurance and, on Monday, I got the resutls I needed! Can't be more responsive and available than that! Keih

  • Public Health

    Gladys Rivera does awesome work and demonstrates exceptional interest in my professional liability coverage.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Donovan Weger has gone above and beyond what is required to make sure we have the coverage and the choices regarding our malpractice insurance. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Vascular Surgery

    Richard Waldman is wonderful to work with! He is always efficient and responsive to our needs. We wouldnt change to a different broker even if it was cheaper.

  • Physical Medicine Group

    The team of Joe Hunter, Craig Fainstein, Beth Berger and Debra Willis as well as Richard Waldman operate as a seamless unit fully dedicated to our needs. They have completely re-engineered our risk mitigation program, saved us thousands of dollars while at the same time increasing our coverage and improving our risk profile. As long as I am with this company we will never even consider seeking an alternative to AJ Gallagher.

  • Orthopedic Surgery With Spine

    Trey Hutchins and Lindsey Hoffmann have been great to work with. Both are true professionals. Gallagher has been responsive in providing proposals and alternatives to review, each and every year that we have done business with the company. Gallagher has handled everything in a professional and timely manner for our professional liability coverage renewals as they come due.

  • General Practice Group

    We have been very pleased with Gallagher. We have been with them for a number of years and they always have our best interest first and foremost. Always very attentive to our needs and always very accessible.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Can not recommend it to colleagues enough. Truly feel they have my best interest in mind.

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Very Good Experience

  • Cardiology Group

    I depend on Gallagher to make sure I get everything done by the deadline to renew. Thankfully, my reps have always kept me compliant. It means there's just one less thing to worry about it a year full of meeting deadlines and filing paperwork. Which is a very good thing. Thanks!!!

  • Pain Management

    Heather has been extremely helpful with any questions I have had about the policy, price, or coverage. Superb service, very professional personnel. I am very happy with the care and service I receive for my practice.

  • Dermatology No Surgery

    Gladys is always very prompt, helpful and cheerful. Enjoy her professionalism. Have had helped with several different insurance plans for 15 years and have had excellent help and coverage.

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

    Appreciate you finding me the best rates and taking care of my malpractice needs.

  • Anesthesiology

    Heather Vick is an outstanding representative for your company. She's responsive and professional and great to do business with.

  • Podiatry

    Very attentive to my needs recently after being served suit alleging malpractice. Top-notch and very professional. Job well done.

  • Psychiatry

    Heather is absolutely wonderful. She is very knowledgable is very helpful. She Is also easy to get a hold of. Great.

  • Neurological Surgery

    Donovan is a top class broker and I appreciate his services over the last four years.

  • Psychiatry

    Gladys Rivera has been wonderful not just from merely a customer service point of view..but I also find her to be very personable and easy to engage and talk to. I feel she is genuinely interested in helping me find what I'm looking for her and can't say enough about how satisfied I am with her promptness with calls, explanations about policy questions, and her demeanor.

  • Physical Medicine

    Great Job!

  • Gynecology No Surgery

    Excellent service. Always on top with renewal dates and coordinating with insurance companies. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this group particularly Mr. Donovan Weger.

  • Cancer Center

    Great experience working with Gallagher, wish we had done this years ago.

  • Otorhinolaryngology

    I have never had any time that I was not attended to immediately, accurately and with utmost kindness. I have always felt that when I interacted with Gallagher Healthcare that I was talking with a friend not an insurance broker. I have been doing business

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Heather Vick has been very helpful in assisting me. I was looking to possibly change carriers and she did all the necessary leg work to make it easy for me.

  • Family Practice

    Wendy was absolutely fantastic and very responsive to my needs.

  • Internal Medicine

    Hands down, the best broker I've had in more than 50 years in medicine.

  • Vascular Surgery

    Richard and Stephanie are wonderful to work with! They both are very prompt in answering any questions I have. I would highly recommend Gallagher to anyone I know.

  • Internal Medicine Group

    Extremely professional and at the same time not corporate type. There is no hype. They know their business and treat customers like humans, not an another account.

  • Emergency Medicine

    My broker made sure I was getting the help and responses I need from the insurance carrier. I felt both were very responsive to my questions and needs

  • Internal Medicine

    You people are the greatest! I have rarely received such a level of service from anyplace! I could not POSSIBLY be more satisfied w/ Gallagher Healthcare!

  • Forensic Medicine

    Ms. Wendy Hawkins was very helpful in the arduous and often surprisingly urgent process of getting and keeping privileges at a hospital which required a much higher level of malpractice insurance than I had been carrying.

  • Occupational Medicine

    They handle my needs with accuracy, professionalism and promptness.

  • Neonatal Group

    Gallagher Healthcare has amazing representatives that strive to suit your every need.. I recommend them to everyone from business to personal, they are definitely friends you can count on.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    I recommend Gallagher to any of my associates that need malpractice Insurance. They have taken care of all of my insurance needs. I rate you A+++++

  • Rheumatology

    I was first introduced to Gallagher when I was working at a challenging clinic in regards to loss history and at that time, Gallagher stepped into my world and I have looked to Gallagher ever since to educate, facilitate and negotiate the needs of my clients from various perspectives. Gallagher gets's not only about's about relationships; dependable relationships. A true "gem" !!!

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Gallagher was very professional, helpful, articulate, pleasant, upbeat, and extremely helpful during our seeking insurance. Appreciate Gallagher having such a superior agents to help clients. Thank you.

  • Public Health

    My experience with Gallagher was, bar none, the best interaction I have ever had with professional liability carriers/brokers/agents. I called when my current carrier changed the renewal policy type and offered an increased premium, and Gallagher persisted in finding a new carrier that tailored the policy to my activities, and on top of that resulted in increased limits, and a full 50% reduction in the premium. All of this was accomplished in less than 1 week, too. I don't know how you folks can top that kind of customer satisfaction. I am really glad I called Gallager, and even gladder that my current agent picked up the phone and was able to "get er' done."

  • Cancer Center

    Very friendly and proactive!

  • Physician Assistant

    The customer support and responsiveness I was given is rarely seen in today's world. Every single person I encountered with this organizations was kind, rapid in response and very helpful in every aspect of obtaining my coverage and providing all the documentation requirements needed in a more than timely manner. Far superior service when compared to the other Physician Assistant coverage brokers and providers.

  • Dialysis Center

    I've worked with Kristin Digits and have found her to be extremely helpful. She is the most conscientious and thorough insurance agent that I have ever dealt with.

  • Orthopedic Group

    Fantastic customer service.

  • Plastic Surgeon

    I have now been in practice for the past few years now. This was my first insurance company and I have been extremely satisfied with the guidance in selecting the appropriate coverage and the overall customer service.

  • Children's Clinic

    My Clinic has been with Gallagher for over 15 years and I recommend them to everyone.

  • Children's Clinic

    We had a potential claim situation approximately 1 year ago and because of the concern and the wanting to stop any potential of a claim against the clinic, Gallagher sent someone to the office the next day. Just to help me and assure me we were ok and helped make suggestions for future issues of the same caliber.

  • Radiation Oncology

    Polite, prompt, professional.

  • General Surgeon

    Wendy Hawkins embodied all the qualities one would want in an insurance agent. Her actions would be the major reason I would use Gallagher again and hopefully for many more years.

  • Physician Assistant

    Gallagher CSR’s are very helpful, understanding and friendly when I call.

  • Family Practitioner

    Amy Vandivere and Erik Burt were both excellent and very pleasant to work with.

  • Pediatrician

    It is a pleasure having Richard Waldman as my CSR. He is very professional and always follows up when he says he will.

  • Internal Medicine

    What would I do w/out you!!!? You're the best!!!!

  • General Practitioner

    Your organization is very professional and have helped me by continually renewing my policy. Thank you.

  • General Practitioner

    They are the best at what they do and are very accurate and dedicated to making sure I follow the steps I need.

  • Psychiatrist

    They did a very good job of finding me affordable malpractice coverage at a good rate. I really don’t need to talk to my agent much, which is probably a good thing.