What Are the Different Types of Medical Practices?

Patients have different needs, so different types of medical practices exist to deliver the most effective medical care. Find out the different types of medical practices. [More]

Drug Diversion: What It Is and How You Can Protect Your Practice From It

Substance abuse is a major problem in the United States, but the majority of this problem is attributed to prescription drugs. Many individuals with addiction conditions use prescription drug fraud and drug diversion to secure medicine. Learn more about what drug diversion is and how you can prevent it. [More]

Types of Managed Care Organizations

The passing of the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 allowed for the creation of managed health care organizations to better serve patients. Learn morn about what Managed Care Organizations are and the different types of Managed Care Organizations. [More]

What Are Economic and Non-Economic Damages?

When a medical malpractice claim is filed, damages may be awarded to the plaintiff if they can establish a doctor was liable for injuries. Find out what economic and non-economic damages are. [More]

Do Nurses Need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

While doctors carry medical malpractice insurance, many nurses do not. Find out why it is important to have the right professional liability insurance policy in place if you are a nurse or nurse practitioner. [More]

What is Vicarious Liability?

Increasing numbers of small practices and doctors are hiring advanced practice providers or independent contractors to help make their work more effective and to serve patients better. However, hiring contractors and APPs carries unique liability risks. Find what vicarious liability is and how you can reduce your risk. [More]

What is Data Breach Insurance?

As more of the medical field becomes digitized, concerns about cyber security and data breaches grow. Learn more about data breach insurance and why it is so important. [More]

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance is not only the law, but it provides a layer of protection in the event of claims, including false claims. If you have been considering your coverage, consider these medical malpractice questions to ask your insurance company or agency. [More]

The 23 Best Medical Apps for Doctors

Many professional industries are beginning to rely heavily on apps, whether it's social media or other helpful tools. The same is true for the medical sector. Whether you're a nurse, doctor, physician's assistant or surgeon, there is an app — in fact, there are several — that can help you become a better medical professional. Find out the 23 best medical apps for doctors. [More]

Social Media for Physicians

While it may not seem evident at first, doctors and social media can make an excellent combination. As a doctor, harnessing the power of the Internet by establishing a strong online presence can provide a variety of benefits. [More]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records

An electronic health record (EHR) is a computerized collection of patient information in a digital format. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records. [More]

The Importance of Patient Follow-Up Care

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The Importance of Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

These days, delivering top-notch medical care involves more than just helping the patient get well. Learn more about the importance of patient satisfaction in healthcare. [More]

Importance of Doctor-Patient Communication

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Job Outlook for Physicians

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in healthcare should benefit from an abundance of job opportunities in the foreseeable future. Learn more about the job outlook for physicians. [More]

Data Security Breaches in Healthcare

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What Are the Different Types of Hospitals?

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Going Bare - Are Doctors Required to Have Malpractice Insurance?

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How Stand-Alone Medical Malpractice Tail Policies Can Save Money

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