How Much Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost?

Medical Malpractice Insurance costs tend to vary among states, specialties, & many other factors. Click here a get a full expert overview of these costs. [More]

When and Why to Shop for Malpractice Insurance

The question I get from my existing client base on a yearly basis is "why do we shop for malpractice insurance and when do we shop?" I’ve developed what I think is the best way to approach this question. [More]

What to learn from a carrier’s combined ratio

The combined ratio is an important aspect of any insurance carrier that brokers study in order to better service their clients with their medical malpractice insurance policy. Before we demonstrate what to look at when studying this ratio, we will first explain how it is calculated. [More]

Capitation - One Alternative to a “Fee for Service”

One can hardly escape conversations about “change” in healthcare circles today. Changing demographics, changing industries, changing regulations; the list continues. However, one change, the change in provider reimbursement, is pervasive. We hear constant sound bites concerning the “movement away from the 'fee for service' model,” but movement toward what? If we are not reimbursing providers for procedures conducted, how are we measuring healthcare delivery and how is it paid for? [More]