Directors & Officers Liability

Lawsuits within healthcare organizations don’t only come from medical malpractice or professional liability claims. Some of the most expensive cases result from suits against the directors and officers of the organization. Directors and officers liability, more commonly referred to as D&O, is especially important within the healthcare industry. Claims and lawsuits can come from many different parties, including shareholders, physicians, creditors, employees, patients, etc. Let’s take a closer look at D&O coverage. [More]

Management Services Organizations (MSOs) - Emerging Trends in Hospital/Physician Affiliations

The landscape of healthcare practice structures continues to evolve and create new incarnations of medical service delivery models. An example of this evolution is the adaptation of physician clinical practices beyond the individual practice setting into the integrated and collaborative world of hospital ownership, large provider group absorption and Accountable Care Organizations etc. This consolidation trend towards a more broader based, top-down organization has resulted in an often frustrating loss of physician independence and control over their clinical practice. Management Services Organizations have gained prominence an organizational structure which solves some of these concerns by allowing physicians to maintain an element of independence while remaining competitive with larger corporate or hospital based provider groups. [More]