Introducing CORE360 from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

CORE360 is a comprehensive model that considers the 6 cost drivers of your risk management program. By helping you understand all of your actual and potential costs, providing actionable advice and delivering world-class service & support - we help you develop a program that minimizes your total cost of risk.

An insurance broker vs an insurance company

When you contact an insurance company as a buyer, the insurance company will offer you options from within their own offerings. These may come with different insurance premiums, but if you want to compare what different medical practice insurance providers have to offer, you will need to contact each of them individually for a quote.

An insurance broker, however, will work with an array of providers to find insurance quotes for you. At Gallagher Healthcare, for example, we work with all major insurance providers so one call and one quote will be customized to your exact needs while ensuring you have the appropriate coverage.

While working with a broker can give you a larger picture of your medical malpractice insurance options, working with the right broker can make a world of difference. At Gallagher Healthcare, for example, we take the time to consider your patients, your goals for your career and your risk factors. We discuss your needs and stay up-to-date about medical malpractice regulations in your state so we can provide you with the best options possible.

Benefits of CORE360:

Best of all, Gallagher offers CORE360, an evaluation tool that can revolutionize how you approach risk management at your practice. CORE360 helps you find the best medical malpractice insurance at the best price point by carefully evaluating:

  • Contractual liability
  • Insurance program structure
  • Premiums
  • Coverage gaps
  • Uninsurable and uninsured losses
  • Losses within retention/deductible

With CORE360, you don't have to worry about whether you're getting the best medical malpractice coverage for your premiums. Since this approach standardizes how "best" is defined, you can compare insurance options objectively for the ideal policy for your practice.

Are you wondering about the benefits of speaking with an agent or broker about insurance? Are you considering a broker? Contact Gallagher Healthcare for a free, no obligation quote. Learn more about how our large network and proprietary tools like CORE360 can help you get the right medical malpractice coverage at an appropriate price point.

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