Anyone can sell you healthcare risk management solutions. We tailor them to you.

Your Gallagher advisor is more than just another vendor. As a partner invested in your continued success, your Gallagher insurance professional possesses a detailed and experienced understanding of your operation and the accompanying liability and risk control aspects which require solutions. Our professionals work with you as a resource; to ensure you are informed of your exposures and that the programs designed to address them adequately protect your business at the right price. So get to know our advisors; trustworthy partners can be hard to find.

Insurance Solutions:

Products and Services

As an insurance and risk management leader, we seek to be the healthcare industry's broker of choice. We provide our clients with unmatched knowledge, superior market leverage, creative development of products and services, innovative solutions to complex issues and the highest level of client services. Our mission at Gallagher Healthcare is to deliver results that protect and grow our clients' financial health. Our healthcare services include:

Physician's Medical Malpractice Insurance

Insurance coverage for independent doctors to protect against injury to patients arising out of an act in providing or failing to provide professional medical services. View more information regarding our Professional Liability Programs.

Physician Regulatory Insurance

This insurance program has been initiated to insure and provide expert legal and negotiation services to healthcare providers who have been penalized or fined in association with the unintentional overbilling of Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payors. View more information regarding our Physician Regulatory Insurance.

Healthcare Contract Staffing and Temporary (Locum Tenens) Staffing Companies

Medical malpractice insurance coverage for contract healthcare staffing and locum tenens groups. Gallagher Healthcare is able to graft customized programs for the contractually dictated liability insurance requirements of physician groups in any setting. Staffing and Locum Tenens Malpractice Insurance.

Hospital Professional Liability

Insurance coverage to protect hospitals and their employees, including physicians and nurses, against injury to patients arising out of an act in providing or failing to provide professional medical services.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors' and officers' liability insurance reimburses senior management for claims against decisions made in good faith such as shareholder concerns and employee conflicts.

General Property & Casualty Insurance

General property and casualty insurance protects personal property from theft, fire, or weather damage as well as covers casualties and damage to other's property that occur as a result of this harm. View more information regarding our Property and Casualty Programs.

Reinsurance for Managed Care Organizations

An agreement between insurance companies under which one accepts all or part of the risk or loss of the other. The remainder of the policy limit is covered by reinsurance entities.

Employment Practices Liability

Insurance coverage to protect physicians against allegations of sexual harassment and wrongful termination and discrimination in terms of race, age, sex and disability.

Workers Compensation and Employer's Liability

Workers compensation and employer's liability protects doctors from employee medical claims, such as diseases and injuries, caused by workplace conditions.

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