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Erik Burt is the Area President for Arthur J. Gallagher’s national healthcare team and has been with the organization since 2003. Mr. Burt’s primary focus has been on the expansion of Gallagher’s national healthcare presence with a specialization in medical professional liability. During his time at Gallagher Mr. Burt has become recognized as the leading architect for multistate professional liability insurance programs. He and his team have extensive experience in the creation and management of national insurance programs for medical associations, physician groups, independent practice associations, group purchasing organizations, physician networks, third party company sponsored programs, and collective bargaining groups.  He and his team have offered solutions to fortune 500 organizations, national medical associations, state compensation funds, multistate physician alliances, multistate physician groups, Accountable Care Organizations, and multistate physician risk purchasing groups.
This process requires a thorough understanding of the exposures of the client, the client’s realistic expectations, and the coverage options available to properly address the specific risk transfer needs of the client. A critical component of this assessment demands the understanding of the political, legal, and commercial environment of each state and how these will affect the final program structure. This is accomplished through objective analysis of client demographics, claims trends, maximum potential loss models, and analysis of peer program statistics.
Prior to his employment with Gallagher Healthcare, Mr. Burt worked as a litigation consultant in the Healthcare industry. Mr. Burt’s professional focus was on damage modeling for commercial litigation engagements. He has extensive knowledge of damage modeling and cash flow analysis. Mr. Burt has a combined 23 years of experience in the Healthcare arena. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Baylor University majoring in both finance and management information systems.

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