Medical Protective Insurance

In today's world, physicians need to consider not only how to best treat patients, but also how to protect themselves legally and financially. A considerable part of any overhead of clinics and private practices is the cost of insurance premiums. For doctors and other health care workers, medical malpractice insurance is one of these insurance costs.

Professional practices have many options when it comes to medical malpractice insurance, but one name stands out: Medical Protective. As one of the largest names in the business, the company has the wide range of insurance products and services physicians require. The larger size of the company can mean competitive rates, robust coverage and plenty of options.

Medical Protective is a liability insurance company in the United States, focused on providing services for dentists and physicians. Originally founded as the Physicians' Guarantee Company in 1899, Medical Protective insurance services include defense solutions (including pre-paid legal services) for medical malpractice claims.

The company was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2005 and is now part of MedPro Group. MedPro is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and offers insurance and asset protection as well as risk services for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care facilities and professionals.

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Protect - Prevent - Defend

Medical Protective is the oldest medical malpractice insurers in the United States. In fact, more than 80,000 physicians and dentists have trusted us over the years to protect their professional reputations.

Medical Protective can offer you benefits that many other companies don't. Medical Protective gives you immediate access to rich information that can be customized to your profession and location, financial security and personalized solutions.

A Century of Progress

Formed in 1899 Medical Protective is the oldest professional liability carrier in the United States. Medical Protective pioneered professional liability protection for select doctors. Today Medical Protective are one of the top writers of medical malpractice insurance in the United States.

Our goal has always been to first defend and then pay damages when necessary. Our commitment to the health care professional is to protect them from financial loss, should a malpractice claim be filed.

During times of change and uncertainty in the health care industry, you can trust Medical Protective's staff of seasoned professionals to help ascertain your risks and examine your protection alternatives.

Medical Protective understands health care, the law and the judicial process. Contact us to help you design a protection program that will best meet your needs.

Our Mission

Medical Protective's mission is to provide professional protection and excellent service to the health care community through a team of dedicated experts.

They offer innovative and comprehensive insurance programs, personal service and superior financial strength to physicians and dentists.

They provide consulting services in the form of information and solutions to help manage the risk of delivering health care.

They will continue to develop products and services responsive to the changing health care community, while maintaining a financially stable and reliable market for our clients.

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Finance Strength

Year after year Medical Protective consistently receives industry-leading ratings:

Standards & Poor's, who awarded us an A+ (Strong)

A.M. Best awarded Medical Protective an A++ (Superior) rating with a stable outlook. The rating reflects Medical Protective's leading market presence, distribution capabilities and aggressive claims philosophy; historically strong pre tax-earnings supported by a stable and substantial level of invested asset base; and improved accident year results highlighted by positive operating cash flows.

Now Stronger as Part of MedPro

Since being acquired by Warren Buffett's holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Medical Protective as a part of MedPro is able to offer the same quality of insurance — but with more options. We can now offer:

  • Extensive coverage. More than 120,000 professionals and facilities get coverage under the Medical Protective as part of MedPro.
  • More coverage options. MedPro offers convertible claims-made, occurrence and other coverage options. In fact, MedPro insurance has more coverage plans than any other insurance company in the business — including a variety of insurance options outside of medical malpractice overage. General liability, omissions coverage and other insurance coverage are all available.
  • A proactive support team. MedPro closes 80% of all claims without payment and has a 90% trial win rate, meaning they are considerably above the industry averages.
  • A commitment to clients. Client testimonials show MedPro is consistent in providing strong defense for medical professionals when they need it most. Defense offered includes extensive preparation, attention to detail and close work with the client to fully support medical professionals insured by MedPro. More than 99% of our clients report being "very satisfied" with the claims services MedPro offers.
  • Support. It's easy to reach MedPro when you need to since our extensive team is always standing by. Whether you're concerned about a claim being made or want to adjust or sign up for coverage, we offer the strong support needed. We understand medical professionals are busy, which is why we make it easy to get in touch.
  • Experience. Claims managers with MedPro have an average of 4,000 cases handled and 25 years in the insurance field, ensuring they have the background needed to handle claims. Combined with the long history of Medical Protective and the strong defense attorneys at MedPro, clients enjoy a defense team built around strength and expertise.
  • Coverage for every medical professional. Through MedPro and the Medical Protective team, you can be covered no matter what your professional practice or size. We cover individual nurse practitioners, dental offices and entire hospital complexes.
  • A variety of resources. MedPro offers national and local resources, attorneys and more. Protector, a risk journal published since 1913, is available to clients to offer information and help. In addition, doctor advisory boards coordinated by the MedPro Chief Medical Officer fully support health care practitioners committed to risk reduction and safety.
  • A commitment to lower costs for you. With stable ownership by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and billions in assets, MedPro has the stability needed to support medical professionals over an entire career. In addition, the strong leadership at MedPro keeps costs and overhead lean to ensure client costs and premium expenses are kept down. We understand medical professionals are worried about rising insurance costs, and we work to keep them down while providing the strongest defense and support when needed.

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