Catlin Group Limited

Catlin Group Limited is an international specialist property and casualty insurer and reinsurer, writing more than 30 classes of business. Catlin operates four underwriting platforms - the Catlin Syndicate at Lloyd's, Catlin Bermuda, Catlin UK and Catlin US - as well as a network of international offices. Our structure provides both strength and flexibility.

Throughout its history, Catlin has strived to build a business for the future through a firm commitment to disciplined underwriting and a forward looking approach to managing underwriting cycles. Catlin's goal is to offer a consistent source of underwriting expertise and capacity through both hard and soft markets.

Catlin seeks to underwrite a truly diversified book of specialty insurance and reinsurance business. Writing significant amounts of uncorrelated risk, both by class of business and by geographic region, greatly benefits both Catlin and its clients, especially during periods of high catastrophe claims. This risk diversification is a key reason why Catlin is regarded as offering excellent financial security. Catlin's total assets at year-end 2006 amounted to US$8.8 billion and stockholders' equity totaled US $2.0 billion.

Catlin's four underwriting platforms provide the company with a presence in four major insurance markets: Lloyd's, the UK company market, the Bermuda market and the US market. In addition, Catlin has established a network of international offices located in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. These offices allow Catlin to broaden its distribution network, further diversify its risk portfolio, and develop closer relationships with local brokers and their clients.

Catlin's greatest strength is its diverse group of employees. Catlin's worldwide underwriting staff of 400 people is supported by actuaries, wordings specialists, claims experts, attorneys and other professionals. Our employees share a distinct culture which stresses teamwork, open communication and transparency.

Catlin's operations were greatly expanded in December 2006 when the company acquired Wellington Underwriting plc. Wellington managed one of the largest syndicates at Lloyd's and had established a significant presence in the US market. The combination of Catlin and Wellington has created the largest syndicate at Lloyd's for 2007 and has significantly increased the size and scope of Catlin US. The acquisition further broadens Catlin's already diversified underwriting portfolio and substantially strengthens our underwriting staff through the addition of Wellington's employees.

Catlin strives to provide brokers and assureds with the same excellent level of service no matter where in the world they are located. Catlin underwriters worldwide share a single database of information, so that underwriting decisions are made consistently across the company.

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