Applied Medico-Legal Solutions Risk Retention Group (AMS RRG), a new generation of medical liability insurance, was founded on the principle of providing superior services to its member physicians. As a Risk Retention Group (RRG), the members are owners, but more importantly, partners in the success of the organization.

As physicians and healthcare executives, the founders of AMS RRG understand the medico-legal challenges facing today's physicians.

AMS RRG has developed strategies and procedures that will help our member physicians realize favorable premium pricing as well as overall reductions in medico-legal risks. General and administrative management is provided by Best Practices Medical Partners, which is comprised of experienced and trusted healthcare executives and medical leaders, who are committed to providing superior insurance services to physicians and their practices. A key component of our service commitment is accomplished through physician-driven quality initiatives. Under the direction of our Chief Medical Officer and Specialty Medical Directors, programs engage member physicians in services focused on reducing medico-legal risk, which is paramount to better premium pricing and improved underwriting profitability. Additionally, these initiatives generate valuable insight into the development and refinement of underwriting criteria for the various specialties.